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While organizations of all sizes and types are working harder than ever to be operationally lean, inefficient processes still govern the way documents are created, filed, and distributed. These processes have  saddled many with labor‐intensive, paper‐based procedures that monopolize valuable employee time and limited resources. Until now, the document management market has been dominated by over‐priced, feature‐bloated products or software that, while inexpensive, doesn’t really do anything. ImageQuest products from InformaSoftware change this landscape dramatically. Whether you are looking to archive old documents, insure regulatory compliance, improve inefficient manual processes, reduce storage costs, protect against natural disasters or simply find documents and related information faster, Informa has a solution with the features you need most at a price that’s affordable for any budget.



Forms and documents come in all different formats, shapes and sizes and many of them are generated outside the enterprise and beyond its control. Before being processed they must invariably be sorted. Rather than using separator sheets or presorting documents by hand, a time consuming and costly endeavor, IQforms uses a robust suite of identification methods to automatically sort scanned documents into “virtual piles” for further processing without any human intervention.

left-iqForms-pdfManually keying data from forms and documents into business systems is time consuming, costly and error prone. IQforms reduces the potleft-machineprintpdfential for compliance or privacy violations due to operator error.

Expect to see a 60% ‐ 80% reduction in the costs associated with manually typing data from paper forms and documents as IQforms automatically reads hand print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes and signatures. IQforms extracts information automatically from any document type including semi‐structured and unstructured documents such as loans, contracts and invoices.

IQworkflow encompasses the entire business process management lifecycle from process design and simulation to deployment and optimization. However, it goes well beyond traditional process management. IQworkflow embeds intelligence within forms and documents, enabling them to securely and automatically navigate the process between people and systems, offering visibility into each step of the process and a complete audit trail.

While ImageQuest is the cornerstone element of the Informa document solutions foundation, IQworkflow streamlines and simplifies the complex maze between people, documents and processes that are critical to businesses, with a flexible and scalable architecture and no barriers between paper and electronic information.

IQworkflow is the information and process onramp for organizations of every type and size, dramatically reducing costs, shrinking process cycles and offering complete visibility into business process status at every step.

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