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With ZixPort, customers can customize the look and feel to match their Web site and select from a variety of features to meet their needs. As a hosted solution, ZixPort requires no internal resource support, development time or hardware. And best of all, it’s easy for employees, customers and business partners to use.

ZixPort is hosted in the ZixData Center™ for optimal security and availability. It also takes advantage of ZixCorp’s unique Best Method of Delivery™ and provides send-to-anyone capabilities for both ZixGateway and ZixMail.

Key Benefits

  • Branding customization based on your organization’s needs
  • No software or user training needed
  • Secure message send capability to anyone, anywhere
  • No impact on internal IT resources or infrastructure
  • Feature customization for optimum flexibility

Key Features

  • Unique support for Blackberry® and smart phone devices
  • Encrypted read and reply capabilities for all message recipients
  • Secured compose capability for two-way communication
  • Custom password policies tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Innovative message and attachment compression
  • Advanced address book with support for group distribution
  • Automatic generation of notifications and invitations

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