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FaxCore is the next generation of network fax software: a high-performance engine designed to track, documents, manage and deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. This is the only fax solution built natively for Microsoft’s .NET platform. FaxCore lets your organization leverage the full potential of fax-archiving vital data, speeding communication and fax-enabling your applications. FaxCore is technology that adapts to how you use faxes every day.

FaxCore Value

FaxCore offers a total lower cost of ownership as well as requiring less effort to maintain. Organizations of all sizes can afford and benefit from this fax server software.

  • Reduced telephone and consumables cost
  • Precise tracking of phone company billing
  • Compatible with any future network upgrades
  • Greatly improved customer response time
  • Build in protection from spam and viruses
  • Instant fax archiving and retrieval

Owners and Managers

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Easy distribution—N Java, No ActiveX
  • 100% exchange compatibility
  • Database independent, client free!
  • Fax over IP (FoIP)
  • Compatible for all Brooktrout fax boards
  • Works with etherFAX cloud based fax board

A Bar code can be added to any document  and when your customers and vendors fax these documents back to you they can automatically be added to archives and routed to certain people etc. For example, if you put a bar code on your Credit Application, this document can be be filled out and faxed back to your office and we will automatically route it to the correct person. this auto routing takes place regardless which of your fax numbers the sender sends the fax to. This keeps private information private! HR documents are routed directly to HR, no other eyes ever see the fax.

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