Data loss occurs when confidential or private information leaves the enterprise as a result of unauthorized communication through channels such as applications, physical devices, or network protocols.

Trellix® Data Loss Prevention (Trellix DLP) is a suite of products that protects against data loss by identifying and securing data within your network and offline. Trellix DLP policies help you understand the types of data on your network, how the data is accessed and transmitted, and if the data contains sensitive or confidential information. Use Trellix DLP to build and implement effective protection policies while reducing the need for extensive trial and error.


Each of this McAfee DLP product protects different types of data in your network.

  • Trellix® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (McAfee DLP Endpoint) for Windows — Content-based agent solution that inspects user actions. It scans data-in-use on endpoints and blocks or encrypts unauthorized transfer of data identified as sensitive or confidential. The Endpoint Discovery feature scans local file system and email storage files and applies rules to protect sensitive content.
  • Trellix® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint for Mac (Trellix DLP Endpoint for Mac) — Offers similar protection for Macintosh computers running macOS operating systems.
  • Trellix® Device Control — Controls the use of removable media on endpoints. Device Control contains a subset of the protection rules in Trellix DLP Endpoint for Windows and Mac.
  • Trellix® Data Loss Prevention Discover (Trellix DLP Discover) — Scans network file, Box, SharePoint, and database repositories to identify and protect sensitive data by copying or moving the files, or by applying an RM policy. Registration scans extract fingerprint information from file repositories for file classification and store the signatures in a registered documents database.
  • Trellix® Data Loss Prevention Prevent (Trellix DLP Prevent) — Works with your web proxy or MTA server to protect web and email traffic.
  • Trellix® Data Loss Prevention Monitor (Trellix DLP Monitor) — Passively scans unencrypted network traffic for potential data loss incidents.