MVision ePO

Trellix® ePolicy Orchestrator – SaaS is a multi-tenant,
globally scaled management service that runs in the cloud.
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ePolicy Orchestrator – SaaS reduces incident response times, strengthens protection, and simplifies risk and security management using automation and end-to-end security visibility. Trellix® manages the platform infrastructure, upgrades, and maintenance. Trellix ePO – SaaS makes sure that the service is always up to date.

You can access Trellix ePO – SaaS from a browser to manage Trellix® Endpoint Security, Trellix® MVISION Endpoint, Trellix® VirusScan Enterprise, Trellix® MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response, Trellix® Management of Native Encryption (MNE), and Trellix® Client Proxy. Trellix MVISION Endpoint enhances Windows Defender Antivirus on managed Microsoft Windows 10 systems using zero-day detection capabilities.


With Trellix ePO – SaaS you get:

  • Enterprise-grade security management in the cloud
  • Fast set up to get up and running in a few minutes
  • Trellix delivers continuous updates so that Trellix ePO – SaaS is always up to date

Trellix ePO – SaaS builds on the features and technology of on-premises Trellix ePO. This document covers only the features unique to Trellix ePO – SaaS. For information about on-premise Trellix ePO features, see the Trellix ePO documentation.