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The ZixCorp Standard

Zix Corporation delivers the only email encryption service designed with your most important relationships in mind. More than 1,200 hospitals and over 1,500 financial institutions, including the most influential companies and government organizations use ZixCorp’s proven Email Encryption Service, including Wellpoint, Humana, the FDIC and the SEC. ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service is powered by ZixDirectory™, the largest email encryption community in the world. The tens of millions of members within the ZixDirectory feel secure knowing their most important relationships are protected.

Does your current email system match up?

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ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption appliance for enterprise-wide regulatory compliance. It provides company-wide security, content filtering, and management of outbound corporate email. It also provides the benefits of a secure messaging gateway without having to create and manage encryption keys, by leveraging the world’s largest email encryption directory, ZixDirectory. Plus, it’s totally transparent to end users.



With ZixOne, you can control access to corporate email without jeopardizing data protection or productivity, because corporate email never resides on the device. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, access is simply disabled. Employees maintain control of their devices and their privacy and liability risks are eliminated.

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ZixPort is a secure messaging service that provides companies with a way to encrypt email communications with their customers and business partners. This branded portal allows the sending and receiving of secure email through a portal that’s consistent with your company’s look and feel.



ZixMail is the desktop email encryption solution that provides individuals with a high level of security. It’s an easy-to-use service that lets users encrypt and decrypt emails and attachments with a single click.