Hosted Solutions

McAfee MVision

Manage your cybersecurity solution with nothing more than a web browser. Cloud-based security management removes the setup and maintenance of on-premises security management infrastructure, so you can focus on monitoring your endpoints and mobile devices. Easy-to-follow panels and dashboards assess your security posture and automated, straightforward workflows drive security operational efficiencies.

Faxcore & etherFax

90% of all businesses are looking to use cloud based solutions for all or part of their IT needs. The benefits of using cloud solutions is extensive. Lower cost, ease of management, smaller carbon foot print, and easier to scale are all clear reasons to use cloud based services. Faxcore cloud with etherFax will provide HIPAA and PCI compliance while saving you time and money.

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etherFax Cloud Fax Boards


If you are not quite ready to give up your own fax server but want to remove Telephony issues. We offer hosted Fax boards to replace your current fax line infrastructure. Eliminate expensive fax lines, fax boards, SR140 drivers along with all the management, and support costs. Our Cloud based faxboards work with most fax systems on the market. We provide both etherFax and OpenText Connect products to meet your needs. These solutions are fully compliant with all HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Appriver Office 365 Hosted Email


Imagine no longer maintaining your email server, no patches, no updates, no ongoing server or software expenses to keep or update the email server. Our hosted email will take your email experience to the next level. We provide Office 365 email. You can use Outlook or the web interface, but for most users the experience with the web interface will be all you need. The web interface provides drag and drop functionality for shared Calendaring, Tasks. Our team will make the migration process easy for you.


Zix Hosted email encryption


We provide all the benefits and security of Zix Email Encryption. With our Zix hosted solution you connect to Zix over a secure TLS connection to the data center where your email is then filtered for Financial and HIPAA information and automatically encrypted as needed. Zix will scan the email along with the text based attachments and encrypt as needed. Inbound mail is decrypted at the data center and delivered to your inbox in plain text over the TLS connection. You will know it was sent securely as Zix will add a tag line in the email saying “This email was delivered securely by ZixCorp”. Using the Zix hosted solution makes using encrypted email simple for the sender and recipient.

Faxcore Hosted Fax


If your organization does not want or need a dedicated-on premise fax server, we have a turnkey solution that can be online for your staff within just an hour or two. Unlimited users and pay as you go keep costs down. If you have a Backoffice application that needs to send faxes Faxcore will work for you. If you have a UNIX or AS400system, we offer Reform to seamlessly connect to the cloud fax system. Your systems and users can send files as emails and our remote fax server will process the fax immediately. You will be notified of successful or failed transmissions via email. In addition, you will enable all your users to send and receive faxes right from thier desktop. DID (fax numbers) numbers can be ported or we will assign new numbers in your own area code for you. Flexible solutions with no long-term commitment.