Endpoint Security Platform

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Trellix® Endpoint Security protects servers, computer systems, laptops, and tablets against known and unknown threats. These threats include malware, suspicious communications, unsafe websites, and downloaded files.

Endpoint Security enables multiple defense technologies to communicate in real time to analyze and protect against threats.

Endpoint Security consists of these security modules:

  • Threat Prevention — Prevents threats from accessing systems, scans files automatically when they are accessed, and runs targeted scans for malware on client systems.
  • Firewall — Monitors communication between the computer and resources on the network and the Internet. Intercepts suspicious communications.
  • Web Control — Monitors web searching and browsing activity on client systems and blocks websites and downloads based on safety rating and content.
  • Adaptive Threat Protection — Analyzes content from your enterprise and decides how to respond based on file reputation, rules, and reputation thresholds.
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The Common module provides settings for common features, such as interface security and logging. This module is installed automatically if any other module is installed.

All modules integrate into a single Endpoint Security interface on the client system. Each module works together and independently to provide several layers of security.