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Faxcore Documents



Format (size)

Administrator Guide Guide for Administrators Docx (3.17MB)
CoverPageVideo How to edit Cover Pages .zip (14.27MB)
en_fxcev5_smtp_relay_server_settings_guide_1.0.0 Faxcore Mail Relay Guide PDF (310.21 KB)
FaxCore 2007 To eV5 Upgrade Guide (Rev1.3) Upgrade Guide PDF (2.03 MB)
FaxCore eV5 – File Gateway and Custom Config File Gateway Guide Docx (152.53 KB)
FaxCore Ev5 Installation Guide (Rev1 1) Installation Guide Docx (643.04 KB)
FaxCore User Manual (v1.4 ev5) User Manual Docx (1.67 MB)
Flood_and_Peterson-Case_Study Case Study PDF (200.93 KB)
Highly_Available_Design_Options Fault Tolerant Design PDF (393.75 KB)