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OpenText RightFax

Minimize the time and money you spend on secure document exchange

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Efficiency and Productivity

  • Increase productivity by sending, receiving, and managing faxes from virtually all desktop and email applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and any SMTP client.
  • Shorten business cycles and improve business processes by integrating RightFax fax software with ERP, CRM and ECM back-office applications.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual faxing and the cost of operating and maintaining stand-alone fax machines.
  • Maximize productivity and improve ROI by integrating with leading MFPs.
  • Reduce transmission time by using RightFax Internet Connector to send large faxes without the worry of long transfer times, failures, or channel congestion.
  • Simplify fax telephony deployments and reduce IT burden with RightFax Connect,  which lets you send and receive faxes via the cloud.
  • Use the RightFax Internet Connector to verify recipients, confirm receipt, and avoid transmission failure with PSTN fax backup.

Cost Reduction, Recovery and Avoidance

  • Eliminate or minimize long distance charges by leveraging least-cost routing to route outbound faxes between RightFax servers on a LAN or WAN.
  • Further reduce telephony charges by consolidating traffic to eliminate phone lines, and scheduling fax transmissions to use off-peak phone rates.
  • Eliminate fax phone call costs with RightFax Internet Connector, which bypasses the telephone network and sends documents securely via a direct Internet connection.
  • Lower TCO by implementing a virtual RightFax environment for performance optimization, load-balancing, redundancy, and disaster recovery.
  • Prevent expensive audit failures with a full audit trail.
  • Leverage your existing VoIP Infrastructure with Fax over IP (FoIP) to extend your VoIP/unified communications backbone by integrating fax.


  • Improve industry compliance by integrating vertical applications with RightFax for increased security and privacy.
  • Protect your investment by starting with the RightFax add-on modules, connectors and fax channels you need, and add capability as your business grows.
  • Comply with privacy laws by sending faxes, which are more secure than regular email because they are a point-to-point data transmission, between the sender and receiver with receipt notifications.
  • Keep your content secure while sending it fast over the Internet with the RightFax Internet Connector, which uses a registration database, encryption, and digital signatures.
  • Deliver encrypted PDFs, and files of any type, via secure email to fax with certified delivery.
  • Prove who sent what when with an archive of tamper-proof, non-repudiable, universal fax communications.

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